Vitalii Soldatenko is an entrepreneur passionate about the intersection of financial services, new media, art, and technology. He has operating and board-level FinTech experience in digital advice, personal finance, payments management and public financial services.

Vitalii was the winner of annual national competitions and awarded for the innovative platforms Credery of the National Ukrainian Competition “Innovation Breakthrough 2011”, for the digital content distribution platform Intubus at the National Ukrainian Competition “Innovation Breakthrough 2012” and as a winner of the National Contest “Startup of the Year 2014”. Vitalii is an INV FinTech Global Member and keynote-speaker at a conference of the heads of the cities of the Azov-Black Sea region.

Currently, Vitalii is a founder and CEO of Intubus Inc and a partner at Fince Technology, the financial technology companies. His mission is to help the industry serve clients better by leveraging innovations like big data and machine learning, new payment models and technology, digital content distribution, and crowd-selling practices and public financial services.

Previously, Vitalii was the CMO and partner of security technology company Scorpion, which helps businesses solve security issues and deliver advice at scale. In that role, he oversaw product design and business development, establishing the firm as a principal innovator in the industry with over 100 corporate clients. Before Scorpion, he was founder and CEO of a telecommunication company Samson Telecom, a next-generation technology company that produced HF-radio electronic equipment.

Additionally, in early 90-s Vitalii founded ISP Itcom to provide internet access through the public wireless network to open internet for people. He is active in the early-stage startup scene and has advised multiple startups on growth and market strategy. All Projects and Companies.


Innovation Breakthrough 2011.

Innovation Breakthrough 2012.

Startup of the Year 2014.

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