The Next Grade of FinTech

For a long time, competition in the market has passed from the technological to the social and cultural plane, and it seems that this is the most awkward stage of development for financial technologies. A decade ago, FinTech solutions brought with them additional value for people, simplifying processes and providing new opportunities for making payments and tracking funds. (more…)

The Little Book of Stoicism, Jonas Salzgeber

True philosophy is a matter of little theory and a lot of practice, like wrestling in the ancient and surfing in the modern world. Remember, in surfing, we get to practice in the water after a quick theory part on the beach. Heavy waves are better teachers than heavy school books. (more…)

The middle 60% now own less wealth than the top 1%

  • In 1989, the American middle class claimed 36% of the nation’s wealth. Unfortunately, the top 1% owned less than double that share: 17%.
  • The middle class’s share has steadily declined since then, while that of the super-rich has skyrocketed.
  • This year, for the first time, the top 1% owns a more significant share of U.S. wealth than the middle 60%.

The Next Right Thing, Emily P. Freeman

“Our Western minds are trained to go down the path of explaining. We think if we can understand it, then we can control it.”

If you don’t see the clear path, the end game, or the five-year plan, take heart. Be excessively gentle with yourself. Get still. Stop talking. (more…)

How to Find Fulfilling Work (The School of Life), Krznaric, Roman

First, what are the core elements of a fulfilling career? We need to know what we are actually searching for, and it turns out that there are three essential ingredients: meaning, flow, and freedom.

For instance, should we prefer a career that offers great pay and social status over working for a cause we believe in, with the prospect of making a difference? Should we aspire to be a high achiever in a specialized field or a ‘wide achiever’ across several fields? And how can we balance our career ambitions with the demands of being a parent, or with a longing for more free time in our lives? (more…)

Essentialism, Greg McKeown

✋ “If you could do only one thing with your life right now, what would you do?

We often think of choice as a thing. But a choice is not a thing. Our options may be things, but a choice—a choice is an action. It is not just something we have but something we do.

For too long, we have overemphasized the external aspect of choices (our options) and underemphasized our internal ability to choose (our actions). This is more than semantics. Think about it this way. Options (things) can be taken away, while our core ability to choose (free will) cannot be. (more…)

The best industries suited for the recurring revenue model

Since Provy pivoted, we can see businesses that are best suited for the recurring revenue model.

Even though businesses from many different industries have been transforming themselves to fit into the recurring revenue model, certain business types are particularly suited for this business model. (more…)

Toward a better subscription-based business model

One of the most significant privileges of modern life is our freedom of choice. And although this freedom is, in most cases, limited by the norms and rules of our society, which is quite natural, thanks to this opportunity people are making discoveries, creating inventions, and achieving goals. (more…)

Copyright and IP

Today, there is almost no anonymity online. Many people strive for the opposite, in fact — total publicity as it concerns their professional goals, copyrighted materials, and intellectual property. In our contemporary world with new value systems, it just doesn’t make sense to hide your intellectual property. The very fact of stopping a new idea from implementation doesn’t make sense. Perhaps, it could even be considered a crime in the future. However, we aren’t speaking to the abolition of the copyright or its infringement. (more…)