The middle 60% now own less wealth than the top 1%

  • In 1989, the American middle class claimed 36% of the nation’s wealth. Unfortunately, the top 1% owned less than double that share: 17%.
  • The middle class’s share has steadily declined since then, while that of the super-rich has skyrocketed.
  • This year, for the first time, the top 1% owns a more significant share of U.S. wealth than the middle 60%.

The best industries suited for the recurring revenue model

Since Provy pivoted, we can see businesses that are best suited for the recurring revenue model.

Even though businesses from many different industries have been transforming themselves to fit into the recurring revenue model, certain business types are particularly suited for this business model. (more…)

Toward a better subscription-based business model

One of the most significant privileges of modern life is our freedom of choice. And although this freedom is, in most cases, limited by the norms and rules of our society, which is quite natural, thanks to this opportunity people are making discoveries, creating inventions, and achieving goals. (more…)

14 Surprising Services Offered at Banks in Europe

We will not argue about whose banking system is the best in the world. There are different factors to consider for each market so that it is difficult to establish a ranking. (In addition, it would be a boring task.)

But consider the following question. Given the present rate of emergence of new technology and changing models of interaction, how do you think banking will be affected in the years to come? (more…)

The Future of a Digital Goods Distribution

How will buyer-seller relationships unfold in the future? New digital distribution channels are needed in today’s world, where creating and publishing content is an option for everyone, but selling digital downloads remains a challenge. As more up-and-coming content creators appear, the problem becomes more serious. (more…)