Toward a better subscription-based business model

One of the most significant privileges of modern life is our freedom of choice. And although this freedom is, in most cases, limited by the norms and rules of our society, which is quite natural, thanks to this opportunity people are making discoveries, creating inventions and achieving goals.

If the thesis of freedom or the right of choice is applied to the topic of this article, it can be noted that in modern markets there are two sides with different goals: sellers and buyers. The goal of the one side is to limit “freedoms” for buyers, and the other side is interested in complete freedom, close to anarchy.

This is especially noticeable in the market for services and sales of goods by subscription. Perhaps this caught my attention because my company provides services for monitoring and managing monthly expenses, and I can argue that the business subscription model is becoming the primary business model for sales and consumption. Continue reading “Toward a better subscription-based business model”